All of our training programs have been fully developed by us. They are based on Psychology of Luxury, the innovative concept which guarantees excellent results. If you want to find out more, please see the INFO section below.


We pride ourselves on being fresh and innovative. All our programs are based on the Psychology of Luxury. This approach has been created and is popularised by the founder of our Centre.


There are several reasons for which we believe our offer is exceptional. One of them is our totally individual approach to each customer. We strive to ensure that the interest of the group as a collective never results in a compromise of individual participants.

Moreover, all our programs are based on Psychology of Luxury, a unique and innovative approach created and popularised by Ilona Cizewska, the founder of our Centre.

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Our team gathers a number of professionals in various fields, but mainly psychologists, coaches and trainers. Most of them are independent specialists. There is, however, one person who is the beating heart of the company, making it all possible. This person is Ilona Ciżewska, the founder of our centre.

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A great fan of travelling, recognised psychologist and profiler with many years of professional experience. The creator and dedicated promoter of Psychology of Luxury, a fully innovative approach.



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